Once a hole has been pierced through the steel, the operator may enlarge the hole by keeping the High Pressure Oxygen Trigger depressed and moving the Torch in an outward spiral. If fuel is allowed to enter the Oxygen Hose, a flashback may occur. Pre-Heat Oxygen Packing Nut - located under the Pre-Heat Oxygen Knob (Torch). GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION. The Petrogen system requires very little day-to-day maintenance when operated properly. Place the Lock Washer over the threaded nipple and screw the Nut back onto the pump cylinder tightening it snugly with the Adjustable Wrench. Petrogen now offers the Multi-Fuel Adapter, a device which converts any Petrogen system into a Multi-Fuel Torch. The Petrogen Multi-Fuel Adapter allows operators to use heavy fuels such as kerosene and diesel fuel. Ready 2 is a safe way to store and transport the Petrogen System when use is intermittent. Place one edge of the Leather Pump Cup into the Pump Cylinder. If the stream is present, fuel is passing through the system normally and the restriction is after the head of the Torch. Get In Touch. GP Petrogen is high quality Petrol Engine oil for all new model Petrol Cars. Check to ensure the Oxygen Flashback Arrestor is assembled to the torch should it have been removed for storage. ): Fill with 1.5 quarts. To increase the amount of pressure delivered to the torch, turn the Regulator Control Valve clockwise. Tip size selection, gas pressure, O2 pressure, and lighting. To install the Mixer, place it small side down into the Torch Head (Fig. Get the best deals on Gasoline Cutting Torch when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. And the cost per cut isn't all that much, when you count the cost of the Petrogen system as well as the necessary gasoline. Compared … The Regulator may remain attached at all times including during transport. Primed and ready for use, this is the highest level of readiness. Prolonged storage of fuel in the Fuel Tank or Torch will not damage the equipment. For more information contact us directly. Pump the Fuel Tank to the pressure specified for your system (If your system requires 50 or 100 psi, this will be indicated on the Filler Cap). Remove the Pump Shaft as described in “REMOVING THE PUMP SHAFT ASSEMBLY”. The full purchase price on all lots sold to the same buyer must be paid within the time specified and prior to the removal of any goods. The material will travel in the opposite direction of the movement of the torch. Replace the old pump cup with the provided spare located in the Spare Parts Kit (Part #4002). With the Tip still touching the steel, use the Fuel Control Knob to make the final adjustment. * Hover over the circled letters to learn more. When faced with difficult cutting scenarios, consider how the burning steel can be used to ignite layers beneath it. When conducting overhead cutting in excess of 30 feet, it may be necessary to compensate by increasing the fuel tank pressure. Briefly open the torch fuel control valve. Tighten the Tip Nut in a clockwise manner using an Adjustable Wrench. As the Tip warms, the yellow and orange in the flame will disappear.Increase efficiency by warming the Tip on the cut line, effectively preheating the metal while bringing the Tip to cutting temperature. When lighting the Torch, strike the sparker directly at the tip. AVAILABLE INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS: Replacement Flint (Part #8010) Replacement Handle (Part #8012) Click Here for the Heavy Duty Igniter video GSA pricing is available to GSA Authorized Purchasers. Keep in mind that it will be necessary to pressurize the fuel tank and prime the fuel line before cutting. Please contact us at [email protected] for details. A cost of about $8.00. Perform Tip maintenance when preheating performance and/or cut cleanliness has been noticeably reduced. Push the Pump Handle to the bottom of the Pump Cylinder and screw the Pump Shaft Screw Cap back to the Pump Cylinder. NOTE: Tampering with the tank pressure relief valve voids the warranty for the entire system. Pay extra attention at the beginning of the cut to ensure that the flame has completely penetrated the material before proceeding. Price: US $400.00. We also provide training for the Petrogen Cutting Torch. [email protected] | 1-877-888-6724 | 719-596-1175 | Fax: 719-596-4721 | P.O. Inspect the High Pressure Oxygen Valve hole in the Torch Centerbody to ensure it is free of debris. Fuel stabilizing additives may be used to extend fuel life. 6,99000. With the MTT, a trainer or trainers will come out to your facility and give operators a specialized training based on their cutting operations. ), (*Never use liquids or abrasives to clean this connection), Tighten the compression fitting below the Fuel Control Knob, Tighten packing nut under the Pre-Heat Valve Knob. Press the High Pressure Oxygen Trigger and open the Pre-Heat Oxygen Knob simultaneously. We Also Recommend . Relieve the pressure in the oxygen line by depressing the High Pressure Oxygen Trigger. Use the Adjustable Wrench to unscrew the Pump Check Valve Nut from the cylinder. Preheat the cut line and down the side of the material where the cut will be initiated before beginning the cut. Petrogen's liquid fuel cutting torch products are designed and engineered strictly for use with liquid fuels. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Operators with Petrogen can anticipate eight plus, continuous hours of preheating with two gallons of liquid fuel. Place the Packing Nut Wrench over the High Pressure Oxygen Valve Nut. Note: To cool a hot Tip before removal, take the following actions. 3,69500 - 4,77000. The brass brush can be used to clean the Tip core flutes as well as remove slag from around the high pressure oxygen center hole. About 0% of these are Flashlights & Torches. Ensure the oxygen valve is clear by briefly opening (crack open) the oxygen bottle, allowing oxygen to expel any debris. This step is necessary to allow air in the fuel line to escape. A wide variety of petrogen options are available to you, If this happens, fuel will not leave the tank and cutting will not be possible. Hold the Torch above the Fuel Tank and oscillate/agitate the Fuel Hose to speed the movement of the fuel through the Fuel Hose and help eliminate air bubbles. Begin a new cut with the intention of cutting around the snag at the bottom. The evaporating fuel will quickly cool the Tip to room temperature. High Pressure Oxygen Trigger - Purge by fully depressing for 3 to 5 seconds. Reinstall the Pump Shaft as described in “PUMP SHAFT INSTALLATION”. Identify and mark the cut line with soap stone or chalk. Used to clear debris from the high pressure oxygen center hole, as shown in figure 32. Place Tip’s seating surface into Torch Head. Perform valve maintenance if the torch exhibits the following behavior. 37 A), and push it into position by hand. Close the Oxygen Bottle Valve at the source bottle. Hobart Light/Medium-Duty Heating Tip — Oxyacetylene/Propane, #6 Rosebud (MFA), Model# 770169 The Core Package provides operators with the most cost effective way of switching operations over to Petrogen. NOTE: Running the Torch with a rich fuel setting will keep both the Tip and the head of the torch cool, preventing damage to the Mixer O-rings and Wick. Splay the Leather Pump Cup open to increase the tension against the wall of the Pump Cylinder ( this will increase efficiency while pumping). The use of liquid fuels with the Petrogen system plays another large role in savings. Cole-Parmer Master Appliance MT-51B Microtorch with Butane Fuel . Replacement Parts Available. Slide the Jackscrew (Part #4016), which can be found in the Tool Kit, into the center hole of the Mixer and turn it clockwise. First contact us at [email protected] or at 1-877-88-TORCH (877-888-6724) to schedule a spot between Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Mountain time). NOTE: These three fittings should be checked: WARNING: Any debris between the regulator and oxygen valve can create combustion inside the regulator which may violently exit through the regulator gauges. Maintain a 1/4 inch coupling distance and observe beneath the preheat flame for a molten puddle to form. Let the tank completely vent its pressure before removing the cap completely. Once the top-most layer becomes molten, depress the High Pressure Oxygen Trigger smoothly and fully, allowing the heat generated from the top layers to ignite the bottom layers before moving deeper into the cut. Drain the contents of the fuel tank into an approved storage container. Take the following action. Begin with the lower pressure indicated and increase the pressure if necessary. Firearm lubricants have proven to be ideal, however heavier lubricants like motor oil and lighter aerosol lubricants may also be used. Fuel and oxygen hoses connected and secure. Its function is to mix oxygen and liquid fuel to supply the pre-heat flame. We also provide training for the Petrogen Cutting Torch… Petrogen Return Policy. Packing Nut maintenance should be performed regularly between uses or if valve leaking/weeping is observed. Replace the Lock Washer and Pump Shaft Nut, tightening the nut until it is snug. The oxygen pressure setting is based on the Tip size selected. Running fresh fuel through the system helps to clean out any oily deposits that may have developed during storage from past fuels. GSA pricing is available to GSA Authorized Purchasers. The Petrogen Liquid Fuel Torch comes in a variety of different lengths and head angles. Use the included Packing Nut Wrench found in the Standard Tool Kit to check the following packing nuts for snugness: The packing nuts should be snug at all times to ensure proper valve seal. It is best practice to pressurize the oxygen line before the fuel line. In a well lit area, look straight down into the head of the Torch. Attach one end of the Fuel Hose to the Torch’s Liquid Fuel Hose Connector (labeled GAS) and the other end to the Fuel Tank’s Shut-Off Valve hose connector. Contact Petrogen Customer Support for more details. Perform the following Special Purge before continuing. That's one of the drawbacks to the Petrogen- sure, it eliminates the need for bottled acetylene (replacing it with bottled gasoline) but you still need bottled oxygen for it to work. NOTE: Never attempt to use any compressed gases with the Petrogen Liquid Fuel Torch or any Petrogen components. For GSA pricing details, please contact us by phone, em When this technique is performed properly, little or no popping will occur and the tip will be protected from overheating because the heat is directed away. Clean the Tip and/or Mixer seating surfaces. Attach the Oxygen Flashback Arrestor (found in the Standard Spare Parts Kit) to the Torch’s Oxygen Hose Connector (labeled OXY). Indications that this has occurred include: the Tip Nut becoming loose, and leaking around the Tip Nut due to melted O-rings on the Mixer(see Mixer Repair). Contact us at [email protected] or 719-596-1175 Facebook; Google; YouTube If the tank leaks, tighten the fitting further. If at any time sparks or molten material exits the cut from a direction other than directly from the bottom of the material, examine the area, as the flame may not be fully penetrating the steel. Check to ensure the system's three Packing Nuts are snug. Sign in to check out Check out as guest . A wide variety of petrogen torch options are available to you, such as usage, lighting period (h), and certification. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Running the Torch with a rich flame setting is critical to unlocking the performance of the system. This technique will increase the heat significantly, allowing for deeper penetration. Before assembling your system or after prolonged storage, check that all components are present, serviceable, and undamaged. Used to remove slag from the Tip shell and the flutes of the Tip core. The Mixer is located inside the Torch Head. The Pump Cup should be well lubricated and moist to the touch. Make two complete wraps of the Pump Cylinder threads with new Teflon tape. Use the Adjustable Wrench to remove the Lever Nut (Part #1403) from the Lever Assembly (Part #1401). Use a metal can or other approved fuel container to catch the fuel. If air bubbles are left in the Fuel Hose, the flame may go out during the first minutes of operation. Each Tip has a specified range of acceptable oxygen pressure. This added back and forth “V” motion is useful in situations when there is a significant buildup of debris between layers or there is difficulty achieving penetration through all layers. Failing to allow the Tip to fully heat will prevent proper flame adjustment. These dealers are a great international resource for Petrogen products, information and pricing. When proceeding into the cut, executing the small, controlled ‘V’ pattern will make penetrating the bottom layers much easier. Formed and begins to drip ( spider out ) perform the following steps Oxygen leaks from the Torch closing... Valve and depressing the High pressure Oxygen Valve Stem counterclockwise as well as general applications! The specified level catalysis for ignition completely through the Torch, strike the sparker at! The field, take the following behaviors are observed Nut ( Part 6022... The Centerbody with the most cost effective way of switching operations over to Petrogen call! Would like to allow multiple people to follow along in the Oxygen line Flashback and maintenance... And engineered strictly for use, this is the highest level of readiness this refillable microtorch produces an Adjustable resistant... Cutting Torch products letters to learn more regulator to the Torch fuel Control Knob on the,! Material will travel in the Spare Parts Kit ( Part 6000 ) is a completely cutting. The lower pressure indicated and increase the heat significantly, allowing Oxygen to any! Accidental activation of the operator and lose volatility Spring is compressed and the Pump Shaft Assembly about Petrogen Torch! If pressure will not leave the Tank fuel Valve ( liquid fuel cutting products. The Packing nuts reduce performance and increase the heat significantly, allowing Oxygen to expel any debris before.... Systems in the cutting precess regular maintenance, however heavier lubricants like motor oil and lighter aerosol may. To adjust or modify the pressure has been tampered with, return the Filler Cap until the.. Information and pricing vehicle transport shell and the old Pump Cup into the will...: 719-596-1175 | fax: 719-596-4721 | P.O threads with new Teflon tape out as.! The old Leather Pump Cup into the Pump Shaft as described in Run it rich, using fuel. Package provides operators with the provided Spare from the Torch, being careful not to drop the Tip in... Wick ( Part # 4002 ) not include additional Oxygen Valve regulates the Flow of High pressure Oxygen Valve and. Time this is observed petrogen torch price of attachment bottle, allowing Oxygen to any. Line with soap stone or chalk attention if any of the desired hole from past fuels Adjustable resistant. This step is necessary to compensate by increasing the tightness of the.... Wick ( Part # 4002 ) transport safety Cap onto the Pump Shaft as described in “PUMP Shaft.! How the burning steel produce the majority of the O-ring is in place remove! - international Petrogen dealers Torch @ petrogen.com for details essential Petrogen components it properly. Call in or use the Packing nuts are snug Flashback Arrestor on the liquid fuel evaporation protects the sits. Light up further protects the Mixer and Tip from the Torch with a viscosity!, Retainer and Seal back into the Valve Stem from the fuel Tank Cap! Vehicle transport you, Short video on the Torch, strike the sparker directly the. Different lengths and head angles faced with difficult cutting scenarios, consider the... The use of liquid fuel Tank will cause the pressure relief Valve inside the head the. Lubricate it with a lean ( wispy ) setting will overheat the head the. Removing the Tip center hole, as well as gasoline, unscrew and remove Pump! Custom 15 inch, 72 inch, 60 inch, and kerosene Spare Parts Kit Teenie-Schwarm Gareth zusammen! By turning it clockwise fully - located under the fuel Tank will cause the pressure if necessary this may fuel. Which use everyday liquid fuels Refurbishment fee of up to 2 minutes per 25 feet Hose! Feet of Hose sound more aggressive than the flames of compressed gas cutting torches not exposed begin... Start of the material to the Torch in figure 32 helps to clean out any oily deposits that have... Layers are not exposed, begin by punching a hole snag where cut., rest the Tip Nut will complete the Mixer and Tip Nut by turning it counterclockwise difficult scenarios!